Planes, boats, and geese

This time I remembered to bring my memory card. I also brought along a spare 2gb backup card I purchased on the spur of the moment. The weather was cooperative (it wasn’t raining). In fact, with late afternoon sun mostly peeking through the clouds it was pretty good.

Note: I started this article a month ago, but I only got around to finishing it May 1. I’ve got to make more time for photography.

I started out in the Inner Harbour.Float plane preparing for take off in the Victoria inner harbour. As I arrived in the Songhees I noticed a float plane start up. I grabbed my tripod and bag and hurried over to the water’s edge to catch a couple of planes taking off into the sun. No time for fancy compositions, camera settings, or even the tripod. I just sat on the rocks and braced the camera on my knee.
Float plane taking off in the Victoria inner harbour.
Then the Victoria Clipper cast off for it’s return trip to Seattle A few grab shots of that also.
Victoria Clipper in the Inner Harbour at Victoria BC
I then moved to the other side of this rocky knoll to get some shelter from the wind. I set up my tripod and took some shots of the harbour.
Victoria inner harbour, buoy and seagull in flight.

Willow tree and pond reflection.Getting cold, I headed back to the car and a waiting cup of coffee. I cruised on down to Beach drive to see what Ogden Point would look like. It was too early for sunset. I moved on down the road and noticed the glow from the new leaves on this willow tree. I stopped to take a few shots. Repositioning to get various compositions of this tree in combination with sitting benches and some geese.
Canada geese resting beside a park bench.
The next day I offloaded the files. Since I had been shooting RAW+L I had 1GB of files to transfer and I was surprised when my Pro 133x Lexar card took 21 minutes to offload them. I was even more surprised when I copied those files to my cheap SanDisk backup card and found it also took 21 minutes to copy. Now I know my desktop’s card reader is SLOW. Fortunately Lexar includes a “free” SD card reader with their pro card, so I tried it out and got a copy time of 1-2 minutes. Nice, but unfortunately, the Lexar card reader doesn’t respond to the SanDisk card.

I have a 12-1 card reader I got for my laptop, I’ll have to try some speed tests on that.
The other thing I noticed right away is how DARK the jpegs were. Afterward I checked my camera and I must have at some point accidently set some exposure compensation. Fortunately all the RAW files looked good and Photoshop Elements 5 had no problem working with them.

I’ll probably just work with RAW in the future, unless I know I’m going to need the jpegs right away.