Tadpoles and Caterpilars

Our kids are raising some caterpillars and tadpoles. A great time to try out my macro lens.

I took a bunch of photos of tadpoles, many were not too successful since the tadpoles need to be swimming close to the edge of the aquarium. Also, although I added some light, I really need to add a lot more to get more depth of field. But I still like this image of a tadpole. The original was not quite 1×1 macro, maybe 1.25, but with cropping for web output the final image is greatly magnified.

The photos of caterpillars were also not too successful. Again I’m going to need to use my macro flash or other light source to really brighten things up. What I liked about this picture is the holes in the thistle leaf showing just how much these little caterpillars can eat.caterpilar and thistle leaf