Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees Ghost Trees,

An unexpected find on a rainy day.

While on photography workshop on Hornby Island we went to a beach. But the weather was cold, wet and windy. I found these trees at the edge of the parking lot.

While not much to look at directly, I wondering if the trees might lend themselves to some abstract experiments. Taking pictures while moving the camera resulting in some good images, the most successful were vertical movements. This preserved the tree trunks while abstracting the forest floor.

The day was overcast with a bit of drizzle. A simple white balance adjustment to indicate that the image was captured in cloudy conditions really brought out the colours in this scene.The wet weather and lack of dark shadows or overly bright highlights from the sun actually contributes to bringing out the colours in the undergrowth.

I also like this vertical variation.
Ghost Trees 2 Ghost Trees 2,