AWS forecast $17 versus old VPS $108

It looks like the move to AWS will save me about 80% off my previous hosting costs. The AWS cost forecast for this month is $17 versus $108 for the old VPS. I also outsourced mail server hosting to FastMail for $45 for the year. I’ll probably have to wait a couple of months to see how things average out.

I thought I’d have to get a medium sized EC2 instance. But it helps that most of what I’ve moved are static assets I can host in S3 and serve via Cloudfront. I’m finding that an EC2 T2.micro instance is outperforming the VPS that I’m moving from.

With any luck this will be a much cheaper and easier to maintain solution. No Cpanel admin and no mail server. But I still have a EC2 instance I can mess around with (and not worry about messing up my other stuff that’s all being served from S3/Cloudfront).