www.creativekidsathome.com moved to AWS

I finally have Creative Kids at Home working the way I want on Amazon Web Services.

The pages are hosted in AWS S3 as a static website. AWS Cloudfront provides the content delivery network (CDN). AWS Route 53 provides domain name system (DNS). So everything is off my old virtual private server.

Lots of learning along the way. Things like S3 doesn’t provide a FTP interface despite being a file storage kind of thing. The free CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 filled that function. Funny little things like getting creativekidsathome.com to redirect to www.creativekidsathome.com. The second answer to this stackoverflow question on URL forwarding worked for me.


  • Create a Bucket named with your domain: creativekidsathome.com
  • On the bucket properties, select Redirect all requests to another host name: www.creativekidsahtome.com

AWS Route53:

  • Create a record set type A for creativekidsathome.com.
  • Change Alias to Yes.
  • Click on AliasTarget field and select the S3 bucket you created in the previous step.