Somewhat random thoughts on programming, photography and volunteering at FIRST events.

Oregon Grape Swirl
Oregon Grape Swirl
  • Become a photo consumer

    If you want to be a better photographer, you should take the time to actually look at the images and photographs that others have created.

  • A Little Encouragement

    I’m starting to do some online research into stock photography and found this interesting site. Too bad it looks like Bahar Gidwani is shutting down DIMdump. But there’s lots of good stuff, like this post about pricing models that got me thinking that the limited download smugmug pricing options I mentioned in my last post…

  • Smugmug Rocks!

    My plan had been for me to look into getting into stock photography sales sometime next spring. But I signed up for the two week smugmug trial and got hooked. There’s a lot to like about the smugmug web site if you’re looking to get online as a photographer (professional or not).

  • My Minolta Camera System

    My current system is Minolta Maxxum based, and I’ve had it just about as long as the Maxxum line has been around. In fact I still have my original Maxxum 7000 kicking around. Sometime soon I’m planning to get a new digital SLR, but I learned to take pictures with my 7000, and I have…

  • This is it!

    This is of start of Mike Silversides Photography, with some comments about becomming a professional photographer.