Become a photo consumer

If you want to be a better photographer, you should take the time to actually look at the images and photographs that others have created.

Wil Wheaton has this to say about creativity:

Stephen King, in his fantastic book On Writing, said that if writers don’t make the time to read, they shouldn’t even attempt to make the time to write. I used to say something similar about actors or anyone who wants to work in the film industry: if you can’t get out to see movies, and if you’re not going to watch TV, you’re going to have a really hard time being creative in those mediums.

Naturally this applies also to photographers. If you want to take better photographs, you have to look at photographs.

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A Little Encouragement

I’m starting to do some online research into stock photography and found this interesting site. Too bad it looks like Bahar Gidwani is shutting down DIMdump. But there’s lots of good stuff, like this post about pricing models that got me thinking that the limited download smugmug pricing options I mentioned in my last post may not be so bad. Also, some encouragement from Bahar’s final post.

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This is it!

This is of start of Mike Silversides Photography, with some comments about becomming a professional photographer.

Mike Silversides Photography is finally a go. I’ve been thinking about becoming a professional photographer almost as long as I’ve been taking pictures. I was all set to get started earlier this spring. But the unexpected expense of buying a new car, and the suggestion of my wife to come up with a business plan, has really slowed things down. And it probably going to take awhile to really get going, but this is the start.

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