Tag: SmugMug

  • Website update

    I just converted this website from Movable Type to WordPress.Things will likely be changing and getting fixed up for the next week.

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  • SmugMug Private Galleries

    I haven’t taken full advantage of SmugMug yet, in fact I’ve hardly used it until lately. But I’m still planning on getting some photos loaded. In the meantime I was getting some use out of SmugMug by using it to post photos for review. But I can’t say the upload process is painless.

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  • A Little Encouragement

    I’m starting to do some online research into stock photography and found this interesting site. Too bad it looks like Bahar Gidwani is shutting down DIMdump. But there’s lots of good stuff, like this post about pricing models that got me thinking that the limited download smugmug pricing options I mentioned in my last post…

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  • Smugmug Rocks!

    My plan had been for me to look into getting into stock photography sales sometime next spring. But I signed up for the two week smugmug trial and got hooked. There’s a lot to like about the smugmug web site if you’re looking to get online as a photographer (professional or not).

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