Planes, boats, and geese

My next photo outing was a little more successful. I returned with some pictures and learned that a pro memory card is probably worth while. So is shooting in RAW.

This time I remembered to bring my memory card. I also brought along a spare 2gb backup card I purchased on the spur of the moment. The weather was cooperative (it wasn’t raining). In fact, with late afternoon sun mostly peeking through the clouds it was pretty good.

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Note to self: get a spare memory card.

I had always planned on getting a spare memory card. After today a spare memory card I can leave in my camera bag just went to the top of my “to buy” list.

I had always planned to get a spare memory card. But I thought that a 2gb card would do me fine for a couple of months. Even with RAW+large JPEG files at something like 25mb per shot, you can fit a lot of shots on a 2gb card. Enough anyway for the kind of shooting I do, close to home, or at least close to a car where I could have a laptop if needed.

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