Monte Carlo Tree Search demo

Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) is a heuristic search algorithm that can make game play decisions. It does this by attempting to determine the most promising move from those available. What’s interesting is that the algorithm just needs to know the game rules and winning conditions, it doesn’t need domain knowledge. Another advantage is that it can be interrupted or constrained by a time limit and will produce the most promising move found so far.

I built a Tic Tac Toe player a couple of years ago and while upgrading Unity recently I thought I’d try building it for the web so I built a WebGL version.
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Moving web host

I’m moving web hosting from RackForce to Amazon AWS with S3 and Cloudfront.

RackForce used to be a great VPS host offering a wide variety of plans and unlimited bandwidth which I needed for one of my sites. But they refocused on enterprise customers and then downgraded performance on the VPS that I had with them.

I finally made time to move things and decided to try Amazon as I’ve used them in the past for small demo projects.

We’ll see how this goes, but I think it should be ok.